Mar Caribe is an instrumental band playing covers of movie themes, classical pieces, 60s ballads, surf, and cowboy songs, as well as original numbers drawn from those styles.

"It's true party music — especially if your party is a drunken hoedown somewhere south of the border."
-J.Hopper writing for the Chicago Tribune.

Current lineup:
Tom McGettrick – Banjo, Pedal Steel, Guitar
Jeff Parker - Upright Bass
Evan Bivins - Drums
Steve Duncan - Trombone
Greg Duncan - Trumpet
Josh Bell - Baritone, Tenor, and Soprano Saxes
Kip Rainey - Guitar, Pedal Steel

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Listen to (and buy) our albums on Bandcamp:

Frigate Birds EP (2014)

The Law (2012)

Individual Tracks:
Red Rider's Lament
El Bandito
Deux Petits Bateaux
Red Rider
El Bandito
Deux Petits Bateaux
Red Rider
El Bandito
Deux Petits Bateaux

Friday, March 27 at the Hideout
9:00 - doors (of perception) open
10:00 - Mar Caribe
11:00 - jonas friddle & the majority

grab a free mp3 of our cover of "Jaan Pehechan Ho" from chicago mixtape before you get the real deal on vinyl at the show